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Atkin, Tracy                Assistant to Jennifer Sapien

Briceno, Marisol        Assistant to Martha Ortiz / Provisional CM

Green, Debbie           Accounts Payable

Hall, Trish                    President/Owner

Hammond-Moore, Jennifer     Assistant to Becky Richards

Lisk, Tiara                     Director of Community Management /
                                       Supervising Community Manager

Littleford Colleen        P/T Administrative Assistant

Neavill, Annie               Provisional Community Manager

Ortiz, Martha               Supervising Community Manager

Owen, Troylene           Assistant to Nichole Seamann

Priest, Alice                  Assistant to Annie Neavill & Tiara Lisk

Richards, Becky           Community Manager
Sapien, Jennifer           Community Manager

Seamann, Nichole       Community Manager

Stanton, Paula              Accounting Assistant
Urias, Hilda                    Assistant to Martha Ortiz

Villegas, Gerard             Receptionist
Villegas, Donna             Lead Administrative Assistant


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