Atkin, Tracy

Campbell, Jacqui

Harkey, Justin


Hall, Trish

Lisk, Tiara


Maxwell, Laura

Melle, Kristina

Myers, Courtney


Porter, Colleen

Priest, Alice

Richards, Becky


Sapien, Jennifer

Seamann, Nichole


Urias, Hilda

Villarreal, Ruby


Villegas, Gerard


Villegas, Donna


Asst. to Jennifer Sapien


Supervising Community Manager

Community Manager 




Office Manager/Supervising Community Mgr.


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable/Escrow Rep

Accounting Assistant

Part time Administrative Assistant

Assistant to Jacqui Campbell


Community Manager


ProvisCommunity Manager

​Community Manager

Asst. to Becky Richards


Provisional Community Manager & Asst. to Tiara Lisk & Justin Harkey



Assistant to Nichole Seamann