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 Atkin, Tracy               Assistant to Jennifer Sapien & Tiara Lisk
Hall, Trish                   President/Owner

Lisk, Tiara                   Office Manager/Supervising Community Manager

Littleford Colleen   
P/T Administrative Assistant
Maxwell, Laura          Accounts Payable

Neavill, Annie            Provisional Community Manager

Ortiz, Martha            Supervising Community Manager

Owen, Troylene        Assistant to Nichole Seamann

Priest, Alice              Assistant to Martha Ortiz & Annie Neavill

Richards, Becky      Community Manager
Sapien, Jennifer       Community Manager

Seamann, Nichole   Community Manager

Smith, Bobbie          Accounts Receivable/Escrow Rep.

Stanton, Paula         Accounting Assistant
Urias, Hilda             Assistant to Becky Richards

Villegas, Gerard      Receptionist
Villegas, Donna       Lead Manager Assistant


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