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• Schedule and attend all Board of Directors and Annual Meetings.
• Mail, email or deliver all meeting material for Board and Annual Meetings in a timely manner.
• Maintain all files and records.
• Oversee maintenance of common areas.
• Maintain a list of licensed and insured contractors.
• 24 hour emergency telephone service.
• Monthly property inspections by your Community Manager to ensure compliance with the Governing Documents to include written notification of non-compliance.
• Liaison between Board of Directors, Homeowners and Vendors.
• Prepare minutes from each meeting.
• Collect all assessments and additional charges.
• Maintain accurate record of all expenditures and receipts related to the Association.
• Monthly financial statement is submitted to the Board of Directors.
• Monthly delinquent and status reports detailing all liens/foreclosures in process.
• Yearly budget preparation.
• Dedicated IT Staff.
• A secured website for the convenience of all Homeowners to access their account and to provide other community information.

Real Time Access For Residents
• The secured web connect module gives residents access to their account data. 
• Residents can access information using reports assigned to the property and documents added to our website such as minutes, agendas, rules & regulations and newsletters .
• Board Members will have full resident access ,including access to view financials, compliance logs, architectural requests and much more!

ACH (Secured)
• Resident ACH entries can be maintained using the web interface and allow for the automatic debiting of payments.
• The user can define Auto Pay payments that recur during the property’s billing cycle or as one-time payments for a specific date.

Resident Contacts
• This allows residents to maintain contact information by adding or editing contact records for mailing and billing purposes.

Other Viewings:
• Resident Information (Unit information, Payment Address, Billing Information, Current Charges, Management Information, Agendas, Minutes and Other Announcements)
• Resident Account Detail
• Resident Compliance
• Web Forms

All Board Members will be able to view the above, including:
• Board of Directors - Community Compliance Log
• Board of Directors - Community Architectural Log
• Board of Directors - Financials 

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